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Our traditional sit-down restaurants are history for now and we already miss their friendly vibes as well as the heartening smiles of our favorite waiters… Though, even if we are housebound and hungry, most of our favorite restaurants in Monaco are offering great food delivery options. And if there is no way to truly replicate a full dining-out experience, we can still enjoy their delicious dishes.

Therefore, we have concocted a list of mouthwatering choices for you to forget the monotonous pasta for one night. From extra-cheesy burgers to fine Asian cuisine, here are our favorite addresses for food deliveries in Monaco. Bon appétit!


Elected Best Burger in 2020, Grubers offers a simple yet innovative culinary experience in Monaco. Indeed, based on fresh ingredients being directly mixed within pure muscle beef, Grubers strives for authenticity.
Also, be sure to order the Sexy Fries 😉

Delivery hours:
Lunch from 11:45am to 2pm
Dinner from 6:45pm to 9pm
+377 93 30 15 30

Maison des Pâtes

We know, we know… we did say no pasta for tonight! But wait until you try the fresh ones from (you will thank us later) Maison des Pâtes!
From the Chef’s star lasagna to the spaghetti with prawns and swordfish sauce, not to mention the exquisite green ravioli with eggplant dumplings… the various options are sure to please every palate.

Delivery hours:
From 11:45am to 2pm
Closed on Sundays
+377 97 77 56 21

Santo Gelato

The return of sunny days calls for ice cream! And yes, we do know we are housebound for a little while… but who does not enjoy eating a delicious gelato while watching Netflix? Santo Gelato, a well-established glacier in Monaco, answers our prayers. Moreover, they work exclusively with seasonal and local products.
Also, Santo Gelato proposes a range of lactose-free and gluten-free options.

Delivery hours:
From 12pm to 2pm
Closed on Mondays
+377 99 90 87 03

My! Monaco

You are craving for a sushi night? Why wait? My! Monaco offers an abundance of Japanese delights. Discover their classics, including edamame, miso soup, sashimi, and maki, but also signature Tomato Rolls in tribute to the gorgeous Mediterranean area. Also, be sure to order a Fuji Breeze, a cocktail as good as refreshing, to try absolutely!

Delivery hours:
Lunch from 11:45am to 2pm
Dinner from 6:45pm to 9pm
+377 99 99 39 39


EOLA is all about connecting with what is good. Connecting with each other, with nature, with our senses, bodies, minds, and souls. EOLA believes in the power of natural ingredients to energise, strengthen, nourish and delight. A healthy alternative to pizza and pasta, because let’s be honest… we do not want to gain 10kg during the lockdown.

Delivery hours:
All day until 6pm
+33 6 86 10 83 68

Le Rouge et le Blanc

Who said we could not enjoy a delectable appetiser during the lockdown? Indeed, lucky us le Rouge et le Blanc offers savory choices for you to enjoy quality time with your loved ones at home! With a large selection of wines ranging from small producers to vintage bottles, le Rouge et le Blanc will delight all curious wine lovers. Moreover, cured truffle ham, tomme cheese with fir shoots or even Corsican black pig sausage will divinely accompany your tasting.

Delivery hours:
Until 6:30pm
+377 97 77 37 29

Song Qi

Song Qi is one of a kind Chinese gourmet restaurant offering refined cuisine. Indeed, as it brilliantly combines Asian and Mediterranean flavors, Song Qi proposes a unique sensory experience. We recommend the Chilean Seabass Fillet with its signature black pepper sauce, it is simply divine! Quick, dial the number below to get your food delivery.

Delivery hours:
Lunch from 11:45am to 2pm

Dinner from 6:45pm to 9pm
+377 99 99 33 33

La Salière

A true institution, La Salière is one of the most renowned Italian restaurant and pizzeria in the Principality! And luckily for us, they offer a home delivery service to cheer us up during this time of crisis. From antipasti to Black Angus tagliata, La Salière revisits Italian classics for our greatest pleasure.
PS: Our ultimate favorite is the “tartuffo-culatello” Neapolitan pizza!

Delivery hours:
Lunch from 11:45am to 2pm

Dinner from 6:45pm to 9pm
+377 92 05 25 82


Last but not least, during those hard times, it is essential to see the glass half full rather than half empty… And as FaceTime appetisers grow increasingly popular let’s fill in this home bar of ours!
Indeed, Britesyde, a Monaco based luxury distributor, offers an incredible range of premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages! Notably, including Champagne Jeeper, London No. 1 gin and Padre Azul tequila, look on the “bright side” and unwind while sipping your favorite drink!

Delivery hours:
WITHIN 24 hours

+377 99 90 43 39

And remember, be united and supportive, take care of yourself and others #StayHome

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